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Release 3.16.0

Released on 23 Jan 2017

This release introduces a short downtime for restarting MongoDB.

For a release coverage, read the release blog post(


  • Fork Git and Mercurial repositories.
  • Mark most used projects as favorites.
  • Show used disk space in company stats.
  • Configurable emails for notification, registration, and backup related emails (
  • Show public announcements in login page.
  • Allow setting username when adding new accounts.
  • Trim email and username fields when adding new accounts.
  • Improve UI of toggle buttons.
  • Show link to Deveo Admin only for instance admins.
  • Add link to navigate back to repository listing from tree and history views.
  • Add link to assign yourself to an issue easier.
  • Add company settings link in user menu for company admins.
  • Add X-icon to clear search input fields.
  • Update HipChat hook to use API v2. New API token needs to be generated for existing hooks.
  • Upgrade MongoDB to 3.0.14.

Bug fixes

  • Hook execution logs were not sanitized.
  • Markdown lists were not rendered correctly.
  • Repository tree view did not prefer markdown readme files.
  • Some files and directories could not be viewed in code browser.
  • Deleted repositories were listed in team view.
  • Renaming a project triggered unnecessary requests.
  • Linking to issues view with a search term failed to load the view.