Deveo at a glance

Essential software development tools

Repository management

Manage all your source code and binary files with one tool. Got a Git, Mercurial, or SVN repository? Deveo supports the most common open source version control systems and a growing number of binary repositories for managing everything you need to deliver your software.

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Collaboration tools

In addition to Git, Mercurial, and SVN repository management, Deveo offers tools for code reviews, Kanban type issue tracking, Git-powered Wiki for documentation and even file sharing. If you are using existing tools for collaboration, Deveo connects to ones you already use through flexible integrations and open APIs.

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Cloud or on-premises

Use Deveo free from the cloud, or host it on your own infrastructure, behind firewall. You can install Deveo to most Linux operating systems and we support the common cloud providers as well. Usage of Deveo scales from small teams to thousands of users through high-availability and horizontal scalability.

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