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Release 3.14.0

Released on 10 Oct 2016


  • Support linking LDAP groups to Deveo groups by both common name and distinguished name. LDAP Sync Application users will need to upgrade to version 1.4.0 (
  • Real-time project activity.
  • Search wiki pages by content.
  • Keep actions visible inside task views while scrolling.
  • Improve logging of authentication errors.
  • Facelift for issue labels.
  • Sort issue priorities by the order defined in the milestone.
  • Keep branches up-to-date in repository browser and repository settings.
  • Filter users and bots by company admin status.
  • Allow configuring http proxy for external services. (See http_proxy in
  • Add company setting to limit project creation only to company admins.
  • Improve speed of backups for large Subversion repositories.
  • Require explicit button press in comparison screen.
  • Show tooltips for collapsed side menu.
  • Remove repetitive information from user and bot listings.
  • Render loading spinner in projects dropdown while searching.
  • Show full commit identifier in notification emails.
  • Add retina logo to login form.
  • Upgrade OpenSSH to 7.3p1.

Bug fixes

  • Navigating in repository browser sometimes ended in unexpected state.
  • Pagination of company hooks rendered too many pages.
  • Drag and drop upload did not work for wiki attachments.
  • Private bots could not see themselves through LDAP interface.
  • Commit author was not shown in diff view when the account did not exist in Deveo.
  • Renaming repository did not update clone URLs.
  • Tags were not rendered in commit history.
  • Wiki allowed white-space only page names.
  • Dropdowns rendered outside of the window on smaller resolutions.
  • Deactivated objects were listed in repository tree view.
  • Syntax error and inconsistent whitespace in notification emails.

See our blog post for more details