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Release 3.11.0

Released on 06 Jul 2016


  • Introduce card layout for Deveo issues.
  • Enable bot access to Deveo LDAP server (
  • Introduce new "master" role (
  • Remove "admin" role from bots, existing roles are migrated to "master" role.
  • Make bots visible to all team members in the project.
  • Group project activity events by date.
  • Prevent losing unsaved changes in Wiki editor.
  • Enable searching issues and code reviews by number.
  • Use default base branch in compare view by default.
  • Open internal Deveo links in the same window.
  • Show latest commit message in repository tree view.
  • Render indentations in extended commit messages.
  • Redirect to issue listing after milestone creation.
  • Show modification timestamps for WebDAV repositories.
  • Minor code browser improvements for WebDAV repositories.
  • Show "Manage labels" link only to privileged users.
  • Show documentation for web hooks in the UI.
  • Improve MongoDB indexes.
  • Simplify initial Deveo installation process.

Bug fixes

  • SSH daemon (sshd) could not reload after Deveo installation with Match configuration.
  • Collaborators were not able to edit their own issues.
  • Code review line comments were sometimes ordered incorrectly.
  • Issue search term was occasionally cleared when navigating to issue details and back.
  • Linkable branches were not up-to-date when selecting a repository.
  • Assets were linked incorrectly for browsers without HTML5 History API support.
  • Used seats were reported incorrectly in Deveo Admin.
  • Postfix generic table was missing for RHEL 7.
  • Issue prefix (#) was incorrectly used with code reviews (!).