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Release 2.6.0

Released on 23 Jan 2015


  • Deveo Admin now supports also LDAP authentication.


  • Clarified various hook messages sent to external services.
  • Repository creators are now returned from the API.
  • Increased the max limit of repositories listed for a project to 1000.
  • Increased the number of projects visible by default to 150.
  • Improved usability of adding new attachments to issues.
  • Text links are now clickable in commit messages and activity feed issue comments.
  • Minor improvements to UI in overall.
  • Improved password recovery in Deveo Admin.
  • Authentication is now case-insensitive.
  • Diffs are now suppressed when they exceed 150 files, 1MB of content or 50K total lines.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where details of a deleted issues could still be viewed.
  • Fixed a bug where adding new states to a milestone did not preserve the order.
  • Fixed a bug where following a password recovery link would be ignored for logged in users.
  • Fixed a bug where UI would freeze after setting a local password for instance admins when LDAP only authentication is used.
  • Fixed a bug where collaborators could not use password recovery when LDAP only authentication is used.