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Deveo WebDAV server is the most reliable and secure way to host, manage, and collaborate on binary files behind your firewall. If you are a bootstrapped startup or a global enterprise, Deveo’s scalable technology has got you covered.

Efficient Access Management

Daily Backups

Secure and Reliable

Install on bare-metal or virtual machine

Comprehensive audit logs

Email support

On- Premises - 0 / up to 5 users

Why Secure WebDAV server?

WebDAV is a set of simple, secure extensions to the HTTP protocol, that allow users to collaborate on assets held on a WebDAV server. To help you get your WebDAV server up and running fast, sign up, choose your password, and download Deveo. A couple more steps and you can have your WebDAV repository up and running behind your firewall.

Why manage WebDAV repositories with Deveo on-premises?

Deveo on-premises is made for teams wishing manage source code and other assets behind their own company firewall. Deveo can be installed to physical or virtual hardware, and makes managing your WebDAV repositories a breeze.

Deveo on-premises is a complete solution, with support for managing Git, Subversion (SVN), Mercurial (HG), and Maven repositories, alongside other features such as issue tracking, markdown wiki, and integration to over 80 third-party tools. Read below why Deveo is not just another WebDAV server.

Image of how to set up a WebDAV server in Deveo  

Secure your repositories

Image of a secure Deveo WebDAV server that cannot be accessed by unauthorized people

Deveo takes good care of your binary files when it stores them. Keeping your files inside your company firewall, allowing communication only using HTTPS protocol, and guarding the server with firewall rules ensures there's no way people outside your company can access your precious files.


Authorize WebDAV repositories using LDAP or AD

Deveo supports an easy way to connect your WebDAV repositories to authenticate and authorize against your corporate LDAP or Active Directory (AD). The corporate user accounts, passwords, and retention policies are all used when you connect Deveo on-premises to your LDAP or AD. If you so desire, you can also have temporary accounts outside the LDAP or AD which allow fast addition and removal of temporary collaborators.

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server, which can be configured to authorize against your company LDAP or AD  

Single sign-on with SAML 2.0

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server that supportsSingle Sign-On (SSO) with SAML 2.0

Single sign-on has emerged as the de facto way to secure access to various tools. Deveo supports configuring a SAML 2.0 based single sign-on provider which allows passwordless login and 2-factor authentication. SAML 2.0 and Deveo on-premises is a good way to setup single sign-on to your WebDAV repositories. Configuration happens from the Web UI, which makes it easy to enable additional security.


Authorization based on roles

In Deveo, the authorization is based on roles, which allows you fine-grained control over who can access what. Securely manage your WebDAV repositories either using individual users or groups. Permissions are controlled for a project or repository basis. Take control of your network shares and binary file management using Deveo on-premises.

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server that supports role-based authorization  

Backup your WebDAV repositories daily

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server, which can be configured to take daily backups of your binary files

Deveo makes it easy to setup and maintain that backups are taken not just from your code, but also from your binary assets. Enabling backups is just a matter of configuring the settings right, in addition to having the necessary infrastructure in place. Deveo takes care of everything related to doing the backups and keeping the history based on your needs.


Audit trails as extra level of certainty

In order to support internal or external audits where it's required to know who has access to what binaries and when someone has accessed them, Deveo provides tools for audit trailing using audit logs. If you are storing binaries that might be a target of an audit, having an audit trail in place is essential.

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server that keeps complete audit logs.  

Deploy Deveo on-premises to any Linux operating system

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server that supports your preferred deplyment and Linux operating system

Install Deveo to bare-metal hardware or any public-cloud or private cloud infrastructure. The only requirement for Deveo is a well known Linux operating system (RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOs or Debian). Installation is simplified for fast setup using either RPM or a DEB package.


Pricing that scales from small teams to large enterprises

We have developed Deveo to serve the needs of organization of any size. If you have less than 5 users, you don't need to pay to run Deveo on your own hardware. If your team is larger, the cost is just 36€/user/year, billed annually. For companies larger than 500 users, there are volume discounts.

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server with an affordable and scalable pricing model  

Server for your code and binary files

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server, which stores also Git, Subversion, adn Mercurial repositories.

In addition to managing WebDAV repositories, Deveo supports managing your source code repositories. Git, Subversion and Mercurial repositories, that consist of 80% of the major open source version control systems, usage are supported. In addition to source code repositories, build artifacts can be managed with Maven repositories. If your organization uses one of the foregoing, Deveo is a good choice to consolidate everything under one platform.


Issue tracking and Wiki

If you need issue tracking system or a wiki for your projects in additional tools to managing your binary files, Deveo provides these out of the box. The simplified tools are used with the same license cost and can be taken into use without any extra effort. Deveo combines all the necessary tools you need under one platform.

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server that comes with a Kanban-inspired task management feature  

Change management

For your convenience, we release a new version of Deveo monthly so you can maintain the rollout cadence for your IT tools. Deveo uses semantic versioning and maintains backward-compatibility with minor versions, so you can take into use only the updates you see that bring benefit to your WebDAV server.

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server, which provides you with comprehensive change management capabilities

In addition to the timely fixed release cadence, Deveo provides a change log of all releases and notifies customers in advance of anything additional that needs to be done in order to apply version updates.


SLA and Support

If you need support or closer contact with our experts, we have you covered. Deveo offers custom SLAs and support contracts for those who are in need of T2 or even T1 level support. Training and consultancy are both available for those of in need. The whole Deveo team is here to help you succeed in your business.

Image of a Deveo WebDAV server with SLA and tech support


• Free for 5 users
• Larger user amounts: 36€/user/year
• Email support
• Issue tracking and Wiki
• Git, SVN & Mercurial
And more...

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Use Deveo for free up to 5 users. For teams larger than 5 people, licenses are 3€ per user per month without other hidden fees.

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