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The Best SVN server for Linux

Deveo offers you a secure and high-performing SVN server behind your firewall. Easy installation, reliability, and an intuitive UI make it the best SVN server on the market. It is battle-tested on development environments with thousands of users on security critical industries. Deveo’s scalable technology and pricing makes it the perfect solution for you, regardless of the size of your company.

Efficient Access Management

Daily Backups

Secure and Reliable

Install on bare-metal or virtual machine

Comprehensive audit logs

Email support

On- Premises - 0 / up to 5 users

Why use Deveo as a Subversion server?

Multiple large enterprises in various industries have relied on Deveo’s on-premises installation. Deveo is in use in transportation, IT, and even on the security critical banking industry. Its security, super effective access management, a rich set of features, and intuitive UI makes it the perfect Subversion server for your organization.

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Security & backups

The source code on your SVN server is critical to your business. You cannot let unauthorized people to access it nor can you afford to lose it due to lack of working backups. Hence, Deveo has been developed to meet even the highest level security needs.

Communication between Deveo and its services is always encrypted. A minimum requirement is that HTTP(S) and SSH ports are open for Deveo but you can block anything else with the firewall rules. Deveo installation packages include tools to take daily backups for all of the assets - attachments, avatars, logs, configuration files -, MongoDB dumps, and repositories. Backups can be enabled with a simple configuration. Make sure that your code is safe and sound by installing Deveo behind your firewall.

Deveo is a secure SVN server that takes automatic daily backups  

Get started fast

Deveo offers different levels of deployments. If you want to get started in minutes, just install the Combo deployment. To make everything run smoothly, make sure that you have the hardware, firewall, and operating system prerequisites all set. With Combo, you only need to provision a single server, and thus there is no need for inter-server firewalls or advanced configuration.

Deveo is an SVN server that you get up and running in minutes

In Combo deployment, the entire Deveo technology stack is bundled into a single operating system package. It is easy to deploy to basically anywhere from virtual machines to bare metal servers. This is ideal way to install Subversion hosting behind your firewall if you are a small company. For larger companies, a high-availability deployment is a more suitable option


No downtime with high availability deployment

For you large enterprises, the reliability of the infrastructure is critical. Downtime and interruptions in the development cost too much. Deveo’s high availability deployment ensures that your development environment stays up and running even when thousands of developers work on it.

Deveo’s high availability setup ensures that maintenance can be done with zero downtime. When you need a solution that runs smoothly even under high load and scales on your demand, choose Deveo’s high availability deployment.

Deveo is an SVN server that has zero downtime due to high availability deployment  

Scales to meet your changing needs

As your development organisation grows, you don’t want your SVN server to fall behind. When we talk about 1000+ developers, the load to your server is huge. Deveo supports clustering, which means that you can drive this load to multiple nodes and still have a single instance that all the users can access.

Deveo is an SVN server that scales according to your organisation's needs

Clustering ensures that your infrastructure will withstand even the highest load. With Deveo, you can be sure that your server always meets your needs during your journey from a startup working in a garage to a multinational enterprise with thousands of developers.


LDAP/AD integration with SAML 2.0 Single Sign-on (SSO)

Use your corporate LDAP server or Active Directory (AD) to authenticate users in Deveo. By configuring Deveo to your LDAP, your employees can use Deveo with the same credentials that they have in the user directory. This is an excellent way of streamlining the user management.

Deveo also offers a single sign-on option through SAML 2.0 authentication. SAML 2.0 single sign-on allows you to utilize external identity providers to authenticate users, setup 2-factor authentication, and enable login without passwords. When it comes to authentication, Deveo is the most efficient SVN hosting platform you can install behind your firewall.

Deveo is an SVN server with full LDAP API integration and support for SAML 2.0 Single Sign-on (SSO)  

Update according to your schedules

Deveo keeps improving constantly. We release a new version of Deveo on a monthly basis making sure that Deveo is always up to date and keeps your code safe. In addition, the monthly releases always include new awesome features that our customers have requested.

Deveo is an SVN server that allows you to choose the best time for you to update the server to a new version

Keeping your Subversion repositories safe is most likely your top priority. You don’t want to jeopardize the code base by running updates at the wrong time, and you definitely want to make sure that the downtime stays to a minimum. Therefore, we always provide also older Deveo packages for download so that you can choose the most suitable time for the update. We inform our on-premises users on the new releases, provide the complete changelog on each release, and inform you if there are some extra tasks for completing the version upgrade.


Efficient team management

Isn’t it annoying to ask for IT to grant the needed access permissions for every single developer to every single development tool? Deveo’s efficient integration with the corporate LDAP or Active Directory allows you to streamline your access management processes remarkably. By integrating all the needed software development tools with Deveo SVN server you can manage the access rights to these tools in the Deveo UI as well.

With the intuitive UI and Deveo groups, you can delegate the management of access rights from centralised IT to the team leaders and project managers. In other words, lighten the IT department’s workload, improve agility, and cut the turnaround times.

Deveo is an SVN server with a capability to delegate the access management process  

Secure access for external stakeholders

All the necessary tasks are easy to accomplish in Deveo. Any Deveo user can create a project with just a couple of clicks, and thus become a project admin. Project admins can invite their colleagues as users to the projects. They even can allow external collaborators - such as vendors or customers - to access this particular project with Deveo’s unique collaborator accounts.

Deveo is an SVN server that allows you to grant secure access to external stakeholders

The collaborator accounts' access is limited to only projects, in which they are invited to. They cannot create new projects or invite new users. This is by far the best way to let your external stakeholders access your development environment!


Rich in features

Your most urgent need is to get your Subversion repositories hosted behind your own firewall and Deveo can ensure that you'll achieve that quickly and securely. However, Deveo is not only an SVN server. In addition to providing Subversion hosting, Deveo offers you a rich set of other features to help you with your daily software development.

Deveo’s issue management with a Kanban-type of a card view, project-based documentation, and effective team management streamlines your whole development by combining all the necessary tools to a single platform. With a consolidated software development platform, all the relevant information is available from a single hub, and your team can focus on delivering awesome software.

Deveo SVN server comes with a nice variety of useful features  

Intuitive User Interface and workflows

Deveo has been developed with over a decade of experience in creating software development platforms for large enterprises. We know, how important it is to design a great user interface. As a result, we get tonnes of good feedback on Deveo's intuitive UI.

Deveo is an SVN server with the most intuitive user interface

The Deveo web UI makes managing your SVN repositories easy. All the relevant information can be found under projects and every basic function can be conducted fast with Quick actions. Creating new issues or code reviews follow the same pattern as creating a new project. As a result, you’ll learn to use Deveo in no time, and also non-technical people feel comfortable using it.


Support also for Git and Mercurial (HG)

Are there other version control systems in use in your organisation? Especially in larger organisations with multiple different teams, many different version control systems might be used simultaneously. Getting the whole organisation to work on top of a single platform yields cost savings due to better transparency and improved teamwork. But achieving this is nearly impossible if you have different version control systems in use.

In addition to Subversion, Deveo supports also Git and Mercurial. As a result, your whole organisation can operate on the same platform regardless of the version control system. Additionally, if you plan on migrating from one system to the other, it is easier to do if you can host both types of repositories on the same platform.

Deveo is an SVN server that supports also other open-source version control systems Git and Mercurial  

Easy to integrate

Although Deveo’s rich set of features makes it an excellent solution for software development teams, we do not want to limit our customers' tool stack. You probably have already found some tools that are ideal to your workflows. That’s why we made Deveo play well with other tools.

Deveo SVN server comes with  RESTful APIs and ready-made integrations to 80 external software development tools

Deveo’s open API’s and ready-made webhooks make integrating Deveo to nearly any other tool a breeze. Build efficient continuous integration pipelines or complete DevOps environments around Deveo, and manage the access right from the Deveo UI. Versatile integrations make Deveo the best SVN hosting platform for teams that want to utilise the best possible tools.


Suits your preferred deployment and operating system

Are you using single-tenant physical servers or any type of public or private cloud? Regardless of your preferred deployment type, you can be sure that Deveo SVN server can be installed behind your firewall.

When you have your hardware set, you only need to have one of the most common Linux operating systems set up; RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOs and Debian. Deveo supports all of these. Lastly, Deveo offers the installation packages in RPM and DEB flavours, and thus the installation itself doesn’t differ from installing any other package to your operating system.

Deveo is an SVN server that suits your preferred deployment type  

Get audit logs about everything

Being able to know who has done what and when on your SVN server is crucial for many businesses. Especially, if you operate in a security critical industry or thousands of people have access to your development environment. With proper and comprehensive audit logs, tracking the past events is easy.

Deveo is an SVN server that allows you to track everything with complete audit logs

Our customers audit themselves or get audited constantly. Deveo stores comprehensive audit logs and gives authorised personnel an easy access to them. When you are looking for a corporate level SVN server, do not neglect the importance of audit logs.

Deveo is for binary and code

If you want to manage Subversion (SVN) repositories and Maven artifacts on the same server, Deveo is for you. In addition to SVN, Git and Mercurial, Deveo also supports management of Maven repositories.

Deveo allows you to manage and maintain all your software assets under one platform. Maven repositories are grouped alongside other repositories and access control is role based. Any Maven based build tool you know is supported. For now, specific repository types are for Maven and Ivy build tools, but there are more to come.

Deveo is an SVN server where you can also store your Maven repositories  

SVN server for a company with high standards

When you are looking for a Subversion server that is highly secure, rich in features and allows you to effectively manage the access permissions with LDAP/AD integration and SAML 2.0, Deveo is your choice. So sign up for free now, and see for yourself how easy the deployment is and how the other features suit your needs.

The free plan includes up to five users with unlimited features and updates.

Pay only for actual users

The cost of Deveo’s on-premise SVN server scales to meet your usage. After the 5-user free tier, you start to pay as little as 3€ per user per month* and there are no hidden fees. You get all the features, support and future updates with this price. If you are looking for a solution for an enterprise, don’t be alarmed. For organisations with over 500 users, we can give even a better price. Just contact us for a quote.

The price is irrelevant, though. You have the best possible developers working for you so you want to help them to focus on developing awesome software. That you shall have with the Deveo SVN server!

* For example, the price for 6 users is 6 x 3€/month = 18€/month