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Release 3.5.0

Released on 30 Dec 2015


  • Code review support for Mercurial repositories.
  • Support for managing JIRA issues via commit messages.
  • Support for Android Open Source Projects.
  • Repository hooks are now triggered when creating a new Git branch with commits.
  • Improved loading indicators and error handling in client.
  • Improved cache handling in client.
  • Improved side menu.
  • Role can now be selected when adding new members to project team.
  • First available priority is used by default when creating new issues.
  • Repository readme supports referencing files from the repository: ![text](raw-file:image/path.jpg)
  • Git submodules hosted in Deveo are now linked in code browser.
  • Email hook subject now contains project and repository names.
  • Email hook now links to relevant branch.
  • Company admin bots can now manage collaborators.
  • Search fields are now expanded on focus.
  • Added user guide link to user dropdown.
  • Client assets are now served as gzipped.
  • Removed Nginx and Apache version numbers from responses.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where MongoDB and Redis logs were not rotated.
  • Fixed a bug where issue number was not visible in project activity when issue was commented.
  • Fixed a bug where "Show history" link did not work for push events.
  • Fixed a bug where wiki page filtering did not always work.
  • Fixed a bug where markdown preview displayed line breaks before links.
  • Fixed a bug where comment was not reset after canceling edit.
  • Fixed a bug where long tooltips were not fully shown.
  • Fixed a bug where some projects and milestones could not be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where merge button was enabled for users without privileges.