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Release 3.4.0

Released on 30 Nov 2015



  • Issues are created to currently viewed milestone by default.
  • Manual merge instructions are shown for conflicting code reviews.
  • A notification is shown when code review is successfully merged.
  • The number of old backend and MongoDB backups to keep can now be configured.
  • Improved visibility of reconfigure notification in Deveo Admin.
  • Increased maximum length validation of name and short_name of companies, projects, milestones, repositories and groups to 100 characters.
  • Disabled autocomplete for hook credentials.
  • Improved code browser styles.
  • Improved markdown styles.
  • Upgraded Ember to 1.13.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Slack hook would not work with quoted messages.
  • Fixed a bug where issues could not be created in milestones without priorities.
  • Fixed a bug where TypeScript files could not be viewed in code browser.