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Release 3.20.0

Released on 27 Jul 2017


  • Introduce code search support for Git repositories (
  • Trigger webhooks for Git branch and tag creation and removal.
  • Add pagination to group members view.
  • Show authorization enabled repositories by default when managing repository roles.
  • Add confirmation to enable repository level authorization.
  • Link commit messages to changes view.
  • Take attachments into account when calculating company disk usage.

Bug fixes

  • Changeset comments could not be updated.
  • Empty commit message prevented execution of certain hooks.
  • Drag and drop issues was enabled for users with insufficient privileges.
  • Code review approve button was clickable for users with insufficient privileges.
  • Wide code blocks in changeset comments broke the layout.
  • Hooks view listed hooks for removed repositories.
  • Open dropdowns were positioned incorrectly on scroll.
  • Removed unsupported Acunote hook.