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Release 3.19.0

Released on 12 Jun 2017

Important notice

This release introduces a small downtime. Unicorn must be restarted after upgrading the package:

sudo deveo-ctl restart unicorn_backend


  • Introduce drag and drop support for updating issue order in the card layout.
  • Introduce file management support for WebDAV repositories.
  • Avoid fetching all references in various views to improve performance.
  • Notify only repository subscribers of new code reviews.
  • Remove support for MantisBT hook.
  • Add repository type icons to the repositories modal in Team view.
  • Store selected "results on page" count per view.
  • Show group description in Group Members view.
  • Distinguish pending account registrations in the UI.
  • Add shortcut for joining code-review reviewers.
  • Improve the look of code-review reviewers listing.
  • Allow everyone to see Milestone details.

Bug fixes

  • Diff filename headers were positioned incorrectly when diff stats were expanded.
  • Fix inability to edit existing code-review comments.
  • Fix text-wrapping in code-review line comments.
  • Fix error when trying to access New Issue view in projects without milestones.
  • Fix company identifier not being updated when switching companies.
  • Fix inability to upload issue attachments on IE11.
  • Uploading avatars cleared up other changes on user profile form.
  • User's avatar was not refresh properly after uploading.