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Release 3.18.0

Released on 11 May 2017


  • Add rebase and squash merge options for Git code reviews.
  • Configure default code review merge settings per repository.
  • Search repository branches/tags/bookmarks in code browser views.
  • Filter and sort issues by due date.
  • Improve diff rendering performance.
  • Support Subversion repositories with Jenkins hook.
  • Show repository name in a tooltip when managing repository roles.
  • Add support for using RTL languages in wiki and markdown content.
  • Security updates to SAML authentication.
  • Upgrade Nginx to 1.11.3.

Bug fixes

  • Issue labels did not work with dots.
  • Code review changes appeared to be loading forever when the changeset was empty or timed out.
  • Page reload was sometimes needed to see new repository forks in code review creation.
  • Wiki attachment links containing parentheses did not work.
  • Wiki ToC did not follow scroll.