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Release 3.17.0

Released on 06 Apr 2017


  • Add ability to create code reviews from forks.
  • Add support for Maven and Ivy repositories.
  • Add ability to set deadlines for issues.
  • Add support for emojis.
  • Add "Expand all" option to expand all minimized changesets.
  • Remove deleted repositories permanently from storage 1 month after deletion.
  • Improve repository tree UI for WebDAV repositories.
  • Improve Wiki editor performance.
  • Trim company and login fields on login form.
  • Add ability to name a fork before forking.
  • Increase maximum diff size before minimizing.
  • Increase maximum content size of comments, code reviews, milestones, tasks, and announcements.
  • Make username optional attribute with SAML authentication.
  • Add confirmation for turning off repository authorization.
  • Show repository & branch information when hovering over code review events in Project Activity feed.
  • Enlarge the "Source" and "Destination" dropdowns in "New Code Review" form.
  • Improve SSH access audit logging for error scenarios.
  • Remove unused project comments.
  • Remove Jabber hook.
  • Upgrade Ember to 2.11.3.
  • Upgrade Ember Data to 2.12.0.

Bug fixes

  • Uploading multiple wiki attachments sometimes left the underlying repository in inconsistent state.
  • Releasing Subversion locks on commit failed over HTTP protocol.
  • Fix commonly used links and tabs from not being openable in a new tab/window.
  • Large Subversion diffs did not timeout when the execution took longer than allowed.
  • Code review merge failed when there was a directory with matching branch name.
  • Login was not case-insensitive in Deveo LDAP interface.
  • Adding attachments to a Wiki page did not work when creating a new page.
  • Initial SAML login failed when password reuse prevention was configured.
  • Scrolling to a code review comment did not sometimes work when linked from Project Activity feed.
  • Default milestone was not always used in issue listing.
  • Users created through SAML login could not set local password without password recovery.