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Release 3.13.0

Released on 06 Sep 2016


  • Introduce instance specific announcements (managed in Deveo Admin).
  • Show detailed progress in milestone listing.
  • Add pagination to search results.
  • Add ability to configure the default milestone per project.
  • Support syntax highlighting for markdown code blocks.
  • Improve sorting of autocomplete suggestions.
  • Replace avatar placeholder icons with initials.
  • Render SVG images in wiki pages and repository readme files.
  • Improve branch dropdown in code review creation.
  • Display confirmation when declining a code review.
  • Autoselect clone URL when opening clone URL dropdown.
  • Show account and group short names as a tooltip.
  • Improve bot users role handling.
  • Upgrade Ember to 2.7.1.

Bug fixes

  • Initial load of wiki resulted in infinite loading spinner with some browsers.
  • Accessing team view of a public project without a role redirected to dashboard.
  • Changing milestone states did not preserve the order.
  • Bot SSH keys were not sometimes shown in the UI.
  • Redirection after login did not work correctly for issues and wiki.
  • Fetching repository hooks returned null results for unprivileged accounts.
  • Project activity did not sometimes render original author of a line comment reply event.