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Release 3.12.0

Released on 08 Aug 2016


  • Introduce drag and drop support for updating issue states in card layout.
  • List "My issues and code reviews" in dashboard.
  • Make project activity feed filterable by type.
  • Add support for ECDSA and Ed25519 SSH keys.
  • Remember previously selected protocol for clone urls.
  • Add company level web hook for project created/updated/deleted events.
  • Sort milestones in reverse chronological order in milestone listing.
  • Sort labels in ascending alphabetical order.
  • Change generated bot email domain to deveo.invalid.
  • Improve syntax highlighting.
  • Show number of unread notifications.
  • Distinguish unread notifications with a different background color.
  • Improve reliability of loading more events in project activity.
  • Improve SSH key validation errors.
  • Remove API version option from JIRA hook.
  • Upgrade OpenSSL to 1.0.1t.
  • Upgrade ruby-saml to 1.3.1.
  • Upgrade Git to 2.9.0.

Bug fixes

  • Users got unassigned from tasks and code reviews when their direct project role was removed, even if they still had a role through a group.
  • LDAP authentication sometimes failed to update account details.
  • Links in markdown content was escaped twice.
  • Some hooks were inaccessible in the UI.
  • Code review filtering by author did not list all authors.
  • Following a link to issue comment did not highlight the comment.
  • Autocomplete was not available when editing comments.
  • Query params were dropped from internal transitions.
  • Label colors did not work for labels created with uppercase characters.
  • Dropdown triggers did not handle long values.
  • Group settings form was not properly disabled for unprivileged users.