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Release 3.10.0

Released on 06 Jun 2016


  • Code comparison.
  • Side-by-side diffs.
  • Keyboard navigation support for dropdowns.
  • Commits can now be linked to Deveo issues by mentioning (#123) them in commit messages.
  • Branches can now be linked to Deveo issues.
  • Repository hook execution can now be restricted by path and reference (
  • Integrated dropdown for selecting and searching projects in top navigation.
  • History link for wiki pages.
  • Configurable template for password reset and recovery emails.
  • Company ID is now shown in welcome email.
  • First available milestone is used by default when creating new issues.
  • Quick actions to company, project, and dashboard scopes.
  • Default branch of the repository is now used for Git checkout.
  • Removed username from Subversion HTTP clone url.
  • Removing a user/collaborator now creates an event.
  • Deveo Admin and Customer Portal links are now only shown to company admins.
  • Improved security headers.
  • MongoDB authentication can now be enabled also for Combo installations (
  • Custom SSH port can now be configured for Git and Mercurial clone urls.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where renaming paths containing whitespace were encoded for Subversion over HTTP protocol.
  • Fixed a bug where wiki page content was sometimes duplicated.
  • Fixed a bug where accessing repository files in the UI sometimes failed with an error.
  • Fixed a bug where markdown preview state was not cleared after submit.
  • Fixed a bug where error messages were not shown when creating invalid users and collaborators.
  • Fixed a bug where Fisheye hook did not work with self-signed certificate.
  • Fixed a bug where task views were sometimes rendered incorrectly.