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Release 3.1.0

Released on 02 Oct 2015


  • Code review reviewers and upvotes.
  • You can now search users, collaborators, groups, and projects from their corresponding screens.
  • You can now configure the default branch for your Git and Mercurial repositories.
  • Shareable URLs for repository files.
  • Company details editing.


  • Added pagination to users, collaborators, groups, and projects listing.
  • Active session now gets invalidated on password reset. This is especially helpful when resetting password to a company that is not currently active.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where removing a user, group, or collaborator from the company would occasionally prevent the team screen from loading.
  • Fixed a bug where daily and weekly email notifications would not be composed correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where deactivated users would not be excluded from email notifications.
  • Fixed a bug where offset parameter would not be reset when changing milestone in issues listing.
  • Fixed a bug where issue comments and attachments would occasionally end up in a wrong issue.
  • Fixed a bug where project listing would not be updated after renaming a project.
  • Fixed a bug where repository READMEs would not re-render correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where file names would occasionally fail to show in repository tree.
  • Fixed a bug where code review line comments would not update in Discussion tab when modified in Changes tab.
  • Fixed a bug where Jenkins and Web hooks would not work with insecure SSL certificates.
  • Fixed incorrect email address in login screen.
  • Fixed privileges checking for code reviews.
  • Fixed error handling for code review comments.
  • Fixed repository tree behaving oddly for WebDAV repositories.
  • Fixed commit message escaping for Flowdock and HipChat hooks.