Free private Mercurial repository hosting

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Host your Mercurial repositories in the Cloud

Sign up, set a password and you are ready to go! Create a project with a couple of clicks, and you can set up your first Mercurial repository. It is easy as ABC!

If you are looking for information on other version control systems, do check out an introduction to SVN and free Git hosting.

Unlimited private Mercurial repositories     |     The most intuitive platform     |     Integrate easily     |     Collaborate effectively     |     Reliable and Secure


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • No project size limits
  • Over 99.99% uptime
  • 1GB of storage for free
  • 1€/GB/month for exceeding amount

Why host Mercurial with Deveo?

Your trusted Mercurial repository hosting partner

Everything we do, we do for our customers. We take pride in the way we collaborate with our customers. Should you have any feature request, just contact us and we can discuss the ways to make it happen. Bumped into technical problems? Worry no more because our tech support will help you in no time.

Btw, thank you for your rapid email replies.
I appreciate it a lot! 🙂

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Image of private Mercurial repositories in the Deveo app

Mercurial repository hosting for free, without repository limits

Set up as many projects and private Mercurial repositories as you want in Deveo’s cloud, invite as many team members as you like to your Deveo account, and use as much storage as you want. We'll cover the first 1GB of data completely free, and then we'll only charge 1€/GB/month when you use more.

The most intuitive service for Mercurial hosting

Our mission is to make software development more seamless than ever before. Simplicity is our main guideline when developing our repository management platform. By following this guideline, we’ve been able to give Deveo the most intuitive UI for Mercurial repository hosting.

Image of Deveo's intuitive user interface.
Image of Deveo's webhooks and APIs that will make it easy to integrate your Mercurial repositories to other software development tools.

Integrate easily to other tools

You probably have your own preferred tools for continuous integration, team chat, or project management. No problem. With Deveo’s ready made webhooks and APIs, you can integrate with other tools without breaking a sweat.

Collaborate effectively

Use Deveo’s flexible access management feature for granting access permissions to team members and other important collaborators in your Deveo account. Communicate effectively all around the tool using comments, and even grab your team members’ attention with in-app mentions.

Image of Mercurial repository hosting with effective collaboration possibilities.
Image that shows how Mercurial repository hosting is safe and reliable in Deveo

Highly Reliable with Daily Backups

Deveo takes daily backups of the application data and daily incremental backups of the repositories, which are stored on a separate disk in an external service (AWS). Most important of all, Deveo’s uptime is +99.99%.

Maven repository management

Host your code and build artifacts on the same platform. Native support for Maven repositories means you can keep all your software assets under one system. Add repositories with two clicks and manage the access rights to all repositories. For now, there are specific repository types for Maven and Ivy build tools, and we'll add separate types for Gradle, SBT, Leiningen, and Boot later on.

Maven repository management