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Looking for an intuitive GitLab alternative?

Start hosting your Git projects in the Deveo cloud for free. Deveo is rich in features and there’s no limit to users, projects, or the number of repositories.

Unlimited users

Unlimited repositories

Everything is private

1GB storage for free, after that 1€/GB / month

Unlimited projects

Email support

CLOUD - 0 / up to 1GB

What makes Deveo Cloud different from

Deveo has all the necessary features software developers and development teams would need: a flexible Kanban-inspired issue tracking, code reviews, terrific access management possibilities, a Git-powered wiki, and extensive integrations to third-party tools. Most important of all, everything is private and secure in Deveo. You have the full control on who gets access to your Deveo, by inviting users through their email addresses. This combined to a highly intuitive UI, and you have the best GitLab alternative there is: Deveo.

Privacy & security

Everything in Deveo is private. It is natively multi-tenant, which means that whenever you login to Deveo, you are logging into your personal workspace or company. Without an invitation to that specific workspace, nobody can access any of the projects or repositories inside this particular workspace.

Sharing your code or collaborating with your team is simple, though. You just invite users to your workspace through email, and voíla, they have access to your now shared project. And there is no limitation to the number of users you can invite to your workspace. Possibility to add unlimited users makes Deveo the best GitLab alternative since you don't need to pay extra for additional users.

Deveo is a Gitlab alternative with private git repositories and advanced access control possibilities.  

Set up multiple repositories for a project without effort

You have probably been involved in a project that included multiple repositories, haven’t you? Sharing information inside this project is tedious if all of the repositories are in different projects. In Deveo, you can set up as many repositories as you like inside a project without complex project grouping.

Gitlab alternative with support for multiple repositories in a project

Since the documentation and issue tracking are also project-based in Deveo, you’ll find all the project related information in one place and sharing information is easy. When it comes to having multiple repositories in a project, Deveo is by far the best GitLab alternative there is.


Single sign-on (SSO)

Are you looking for a more secure Git hosting alternative to GitLab? In Deveo cloud version, every company has it's own "namespace" where the users login. Thus every company in Deveo can be configured to authenticate against a different SAML 2.0 Identity provider IdP such as Microsoft ADFS or even Google apps.

This will help companies with strict security policies to emerge using cloud services while still using their SSO.

Gitlab alternative with secure SAML2.0 Single sign-on.  

Collaborator accounts with limited access rights

In software development, there are occasions when you’d need to grant limited access to your project for an external person, right? In Deveo, the project owners (who do not need to be company admins) can invite external people as collaborators to their own projects.

Deveo is a Gitlab alternative with unique collaborator accounts.

Collaborators’ access rights are limited to only to the projects they are assigned to. They can never be granted high access rights nor can they create new projects or repositories. As a result, sharing your project information with your stakeholders is secure yet flexible in Deveo. If you need to collaborate with, for example customers or vendors, Deveo is the right GitLab alternative for you.


Share and store binary files with WebDAV

Does your projects include other types of assets than just lines of code? Do you need to store and share, for example, images or designs? Storing these type of files in a version control system is not a sustainable solution, especially in a distributed version control system like Git.

To offer you a way to manage your large files on one platform, Deveo supports WebDAV network share that can be used in Deveo just like any other repository type. The combination of Git and WebDAV hosting makes Deveo the best GitLab alternative for projects with a lot of binary files.

Gitlab alternative that supports sharing and sotring binary files with webdav repositories  

Bot accounts for programmatic access

Have you ever needed to configure your CI server to fetch code? Bot accounts are non-user accounts that can be used for allowing programmatic access to different components in Deveo. Typically bot accounts are used for continuous integration and deployment servers, other environments where the code is deployed and any integration that uses the Deveo APIs.

Gitlab alternative that allows you to create bot accounts for programmatic access

The ownership of bot accounts can be shared in Deveo, and setting up bot accounts is allowed for regular users as well. The bot accounts can belong to multiple projects and their permissions can be controlled on a repository level which means that even more complex scripts and programmatic repository access can be ensured without compromising your personal credentials.


Repository level authorization and branch based security

Data security is the priority number one for us. We are proud to call Deveo the most secure GitLab alternative and this is manifested in multiple levels of Deveo.

In addition to workspace and project level authorization, you may configure repository level authorization and control in detail who has what access to which repository inside a project. For additional security, you can even protect individual branches in Git repositories.

Gitlab alternative where you can manage access permissions on repository level and protect branches.  

Support for Subversion (SVN) and Mercurial (HG) hosting

Are you using other version control systems than Git or in parallel with it? Or are you planning on migrating from SVN or HG to Git?

Gitlab alternative that supports SVN and Mercurial in addition to Git

In that case, Deveo can make your life a great deal easier. In addition to Git, Deveo also offers support for Mercurial and Subversion hosting, thus allowing you to host all of your source code under one platform.


Triggering repository hooks based on reference and file patterns

Deveo is integrated to over 80 different services, such as JIRA, Trello, Slack, Hipchat and Jenkins. Deveo offers a fine-grained control over the hooks by allowing you to configure triggering the hooks based on file or reference patterns.

You can trigger certain hooks only for feature branches for example and others only for release branches. If you have certain types of files or a directory you wish to keep noted of, simply configure a hook that notifies you of changes to that specific path. All of the hooks can be configured from the streamlined UI.

Gitlab alternative that allows you to trigger repository hooks based on reference and file patterns.  

Flexible issue tracking with a Kanban-inspired card view

Don’t you find the issue tracker in GitLab a bit inflexible at times? Isn't it annoying that it doesn’t let you modify it enough to meet your workflows? Deveo has this covered, and way more.

Gitlab alternative with a flexible Kanban-inspired task management feature.

By learning from the best, we have combined the best parts from GitLab, JIRA, and Trello to deliver the best issue tracking system in any GitLab alternative. You may configure multiple milestones or boards, and have an individual workflow in each board. Modify the issues’ priorities, states, and labels according to your own liking. If you want see your issue management next to your source code, why not see how Deveo combines both?


Side-by-side wiki editor

Documentation in many wiki editors may be a real pain in the neck, right? Usually the text editors may have shortcuts for the most common Markdown commands but they don’t show the formatted text in real time.

With Deveo wiki-tool, you can edit the files in a side-by-side view that shows your changes as you make them.

You no longer have to switch between modes or save the editor from time to time to see whether that table you are trying to build is rendered correctly. When you value a good documentation tool with your code hosting, the best GitLab alternative for you is Deveo.

Gitlab alternative with a git-powered wiki, which has a side-by-side text editor.

Deveo is for code and artifacts

If you wish to manage Git repositories and build artifacts with the same platform, Deveo is for you.

Gitlab alternative with support for Maven repositories

In addition to SVN and Mercurial, Deveo also supports Maven repositories. Manage and maintain all your software assets under one platform with Git and Maven repositories side-by-side. All repositories are grouped by projects and access control is role based. Any build tool that uses Maven as underlying repository is supported. For now, there are separated repository types for Maven and Ivy build tools. More are coming in the future.


Go ahead and sign up to Deveo!

This comparison aims at highlighting the benefits of Deveo over GitLab. If you are already a seasoned GitLab user, it is good to benchmark other tools as well. If you haven't yet used either Deveo or GitLab, you probably have found good reasons from this site for giving Deveo a spin first.

You can start using Deveo for free so there is no risk in testing it thoroughly before deciding your preferred tool. We can honestly say that the other customers are loving Deveo's easy UI, multiple features, and the awesome access management possibilities.

So, why not see Deveo's benefits yourself!


Our team is here to help

We at Deveo take care of our users. You can always ask turn to our email support with your Deveo-related questions, and we'll help. In addition, we form Deveo's roadmap in close collaboration with our customers. So, should you have a need for a feature in Deveo, do tell us! In many cases, we've been able of releasing the features in a matter of weeks.

If there's anything you'd like to ask or comment, do not hesitate to open the chat on the bottom right!