The best GitHub Alternative

Why Deveo is the best GitHub alternative?

The private nature and the free private Git repository hosting makes Deveo the best GitHub alternative.

Unlimited repositories

Unlimited users

Unlimited projects

1GB storage for free, after that 1€/GB / month

Everything is private

All the features you need

CLOUD - 0 / up to 1GB

GitHub or Deveo?

Deveo offers Free private Git repositories with unlimited users, projects and repositories. Deveo is highly secure environment to host your Git repositories since everything is always private. You invite the members you wish to grant access, and only they can access any projects in Deveo.

Unlimited free private repositories

Undoubtedly GitHub is the best place for hosting open-source projects. The downfall of GitHub is, however the lack of free private repositories. Deveo is the best GitHub alternative, offering unlimited private repositories where you can host your non open-source projects for free.

With Deveo, all repositories are private. With GitHub you need to pay for hosting private repositories. With Deveo you only pay, if your total data stored exceeds 1 GB. Deveo has no limitations on the amount of repositories, projects, or users.

Image of a GitHub alternative with unlimited free private repositories  

Set up multiple repositories for a project without effort

Have you ever worked on large projects that consists of multiple repositories? Have you wanted to share the issues or documentation inside that project? In Deveo, repositories are grouped under projects.

Image of a GitHub alternative with a possibility to set up multiple repositories inside a single project.

As issue tracking and Wiki are project based in Deveo, it's easy to connect the information between multiple repositories. Deveo is the best GitHub alternative when your projects contain multiple repositories that need to share the same issue tracking and documentation.


Privacy & security

Every repository in Deveo is private. Whenever you login to Deveo, you are logging into your private workspace, called company. Without an account to that specific workspace, you have no way to access any of the projects or repositories inside your workspace.

If you wish to share your code and do teamwork, you can invite unlimited number of users to your workspace - for free. Unlimited users makes deveo the best GitHub alternative since you don't get charged for adding extra users.

Image of a super-secure GitHub alternative with completely private git repositories.  

Single sign-on (SSO)

Are you looking for a more secure Git hosting alternative to GitHub? In Deveo cloud version, every company has it's own "namespace" where the users login. Thus every company in Deveo can be configured to authenticate against a different SAML 2.0 Identity provider IdP such as Microsoft ADFS or Google apps.

Image of a GitHub alternative with support for SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single sign-on helps companies with strict security policies to emerge using cloud services while still using their SSO.


Support for Subversion (SVN) and Mercurial (HG) hosting

Are you using Subversion (SVN) or Mercurial (HG) rather than Git? Deveo supports all three known open-source version control systems; Git, SVN and HG.

If you are in the process of migrating from Subversion to Git, or the vice versa, you can use Deveo to host all of your code under one platform.

Image of a GitHub alternative that supports also Subversion (SVN) and Mercurial (Hg) in addition to Git.  

WebDAV repositories for binary files

Do you need to store other assets than source code? Does your project need a file share that is easily found from the same place you keep your source code? WebDAV repositories in Deveo behave like a network share for your team and utilize the same permissions as any other repository.

Deveo is a GitHub alternative, which allows you to store large binary files in WebDAV repositories.

WebDAV repositories make Deveo the best GitHub alternative if you wish to have a single place for both your code and other assets.


Programmatic access using bot accounts

Have you ever needed to configure your CI server to fetch code? Bot accounts are non-user accounts that allow programmatic access to different components in Deveo. Typically bot accounts are used for continuous integration and deployment servers, other environments where the code is deployed and integrations that uses the Deveo APIs.

The bot accounts in Deveo can have multiple owners and users, so the ownership can be shared. The bot accounts can belong to multiple projects and their permissions can be configured on a repository level. This ensures that even more complex scripts and programmatic repository access can be enabled without compromising personal credentials.

Image of a GitHub alternative with that provides programmatic access through bot accounts  

Access control at repository level and security at branch level

Deveo offers security in multiple levels. We are proud to call Deveo the most secure GitHub alternative.

Image of a GitHub alternative with fine-grained access control possibilities even on a repository and branch-level.

In addition to workspace and project level authorization, you may configure repository level authorization and fine grain control who has access to which repository inside a project. If you want to go one step further, you can protect branches in Git repositories for addition layer of security.


Limited access using Collaborator accounts

Have you ever needed to give someone very limited access to your source code or project documentation, for example? In Deveo you can invite users as collaborators with limited access rights - only to the projects they are assigned to.

Collaborators can never be granted high access rights nor can they create new projects or repositories. The best part is, however, that the collaborator accounts, like any other accounts, cost no extra money. When you need to give access to outside collaborators, such as customers, Deveo is the best alternative for GitHub if you don't like the per user costs.

Image of a GitHub alternative where you can grant limited access using collaborator accounts.  

Configure repository hooks to trigger based on reference and file patterns

Deveo offers integrations to over 80 different services, such as JIRA, Trello, Slack, Hipchat and Jenkins. Deveo offers a fine-grained control over the hooks by allowing you to configure triggering the hooks based on file or reference patterns.

Image of a GitHub alternative with a possibility to trigger repository hooks based on reference and file patterns.

Trigger certain hooks only for feature branches and others for release branches only. If you have certain types of files or a directory you wish to keep noted of, simply configure a hook that sends notifications on changes to that specific path. All of the hooks can be configured from the streamlined UI.


Track issues with ease using a Kanban-inspired card view

Have you ever felt that the issue tracker in GitHub is not enough for your development needs? Have you wanted to define your workflow with more than open and closed states?

Deveo has this covered, and way more. By learning from the best, Deveo combines the best parts from JIRA, Trello and GitHub issue trackers to be the best GitHub alternative for issue tracking needs next to your code. You may configure multiple milestones or boards, and have an individual workflow in each board. Priorities and labels are naturally also present. If you like GitHub and Trello, why not see how Deveo combines the best of both?

Image of a GitHub alternative with an advanced Kanban-based issue tracking feature.  

Git-powered wiki with a side-by-side editor

Have you ever wanted to see real-time results how your Markdown documents look, but still edit them using a text editor you are used to?

Image of a GitHub alternative where you can document your projects using a git-powered wiki feature.

With Deveo git-powered wiki, you can edit the files in side-by-side view that shows your changes real-time. You no longer have to switch between modes or save the editor from time to time to see whether that table you are trying to build is rendered correctly. Deveo offers the best alternative for GitHub wiki tool. If you still wish to make changes on your own machine, Deveo's Git powered Wiki allows you to clone the repository and use whichever editor you want.

Maven repositories

Build artifacts and code should be managed side-by-side. With Deveo's support for Maven repositories, you can manage and maintain all your assets under a single platform.

Manage repositories with ease, adjust access rights and use any of the build tools you know. Deveo has explicit repository types for Maven and Ivy, but separate repository types for Gradle, SBT, Leiningen, and Boot are coming. Don't fight with tools but use one tool to both build artifacts and source code!

Image of a GitHub alternative that supports also Maven repository hosting.  

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This page presents the differences between GitHub and Deveo. If GitHub is the tool of choice for you, it's still good to see what else is on the market. The choice is much easier to make if you use the tools live, and that's why you can use Deveo for hosting your private Git repositories for free and as long as you want.


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