Free on-premises Git Server

5 users for free. Larger usage 36€/user/year.

Deveo is a Git server that fits your needs

The on-premises version of Deveo is tailor-made to your organization if you wish to manage Git repositories behind your company firewall. You can install Deveo to your physical or virtual hardware and set up a private Git management platform to your organization. Deveo is the perfect Git solution supporting the needs from a small team to very large enterprise organizations.

5 users for free. Larger usage users 36 / user / year

  • Git, Subversion (SVN) and Mercurial (HG)
  • Support, training and consulting
  • Installation, configuration and upgrade assistance
  • RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian supported
  • Billed yearly

Why use Deveo as a Git server?

Safeguard your code

As the code hosted behind your firewall in Git repositories are probably one of the most precious things your company has, Deveo takes a lot of security precautions to ensure your code is safe behind your corporate firewall. All communication that happens between Deveo and its services is encrypted. Deveo needs the minimum of HTTP(S) and SSH ports open but rest can be blocked with firewall rules. Deveo installation follows a predictable pattern which ensures that what you test in your staging infrastructure, works also in the production.

Secure Git Server
Deveo Git server Authenticate

Authenticate against Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or LDAP

LDAP or Microsoft Active Directory (AD) authentication comes handy when you are setting up access management to Git repositories behind your firewall and want to use the same credentials that are in your centralized user directory. Using LDAP or Active Directory as an authentication source for your Git management platform allows you to use the same password policies, in addition to ensuring only those with credentials in the LDAP or AD can access the code. Deveo provides configuring both Active Directory and LDAP authentication for Git repositories. If you need temporary accounts outside of the AD or LDAP, Deveo can be configured to support that as well.

Enable SAML 2.0 Single sign-on

Single sign-on is a necessary feature to securing access to your Git repositories if you are working in an environment where security is highly valued. Single sign-on enables the usage of 2-factor authentication and passwordless authentication when logging into the system. SAML 2.0 is one of the most popular means to set up single sign-on that works between your Git management platform and your central user directory. Setting up SAML 2.0 based sign-on with Deveo as a Git server takes just one configuration that can be applied from the web UI.

A git server with SAML 2.0 Single sign-on Login
A git server with role based access control and Repository Authentication

Role-based access control

With role-based access control, you can fine-tune the level of permissions for your team. A git server is not properly secured, even if it's behind your corporate firewall if there's no role-based access control in place. Not everyone should have the ability to access every piece of source code your company has. Use Deveo to grant role-based access control at project and repository level and take control of your Git security.

Automatic backups for your Git repositories

To ensure that even the worst-case scenario doesn't put your work on hold, backups are an essential part for any tool you use, especially when it comes to Git repositories and code management. The logic Deveo uses for taking backups uses the distributed nature of Git version control system. The repositories are updated to another location after which a snapshot can be taken from that location. This ensures three copies of the same data being placed in three different locations. Deveo offers baked in tools for taking backups making it the ideal Git platform for those who value easy to setup and use backups.

Git server Backups
Deveo git server with Audit Logs

Support for audit logs

Sometimes there are cases, such as internal or external audits where it is required to know exactly who has actually accessed what source code when across the whole organization. It is equally convenient to know who has tried to access the code. Audit logs store an auditable trail from everything that's happening. Any Git server that's used for professional software development should have audit logs enabled. Deveo naturally has support for audit logging on multiple levels.

Different deployment options and Supported operating systems

You can deploy and use Deveo in bare-metal hardware or any form of public cloud or private cloud. All you need is one of the supported Linux operating systems; RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOs or Debian. The installation is as simple as installing any package to your operating system, as Deveo provides operating system packages for both RPM and DEB flavors. Regardless of your hardware being physical or virtual, Deveo on-premises version has you covered.

A git server with continuous integration
Deveo git server is Free for SmallTeams

Competitive pricing with a free tier for small teams

Hosting a Git server on your own hardware, physical or virtual, doesn't necessarily mean that you have large amounts of developers working on the code. Even small teams or companies can have the need to host code in infrastructure that is inaccessible from the public internet. Deveo on-premises is completely free to use for 5 developers. The pricing is competitive after that as well. Additional users cost just 36€/user/year. If you have more than 500 users, we'll have a discount.

Built-in Team management

A Git platform that is used by the company as a whole should support flexible team management practices. Some requirements for efficient team management include allowing granular access for different Git repositories to internal employees, but also allowing limited access to some resources for external collaborators. The flexibility and ease of inviting new users and managing the users makes a difference between Deveo and a manual management of access rights.

Deveo git server provides advanced possibilities for team management
Deveo Git server with Code Reviews

Do Code reviews with your Git server

Even though the main purpose of Deveo is to provide the hosting and access-control for Git repositories behind your company firewall, there are more that can be achieved with Deveo. Deveo offers support for doing code reviews either by commenting on code changes or using feature-branch based workflows. Doing code reviews enables quality gates that prevent bugs from entering production. Read more about Git code reviews.

Issue tracking

If you are thinking of a tool set for your team, you probably need issue tracking next to your code changes. Tracking your work, in addition to tracking your code changes is equally important. When using Deveo as a Git server, you can use a flexible Kanban board managing tasks and tracking issues within each project. Link code changes to issues and notify team members with in-app mentions..

Deveo Issues Tracking
Deveo Git Powered Wiki

Even the Wiki is Git powered

Good code documents itself is a common saying. Project specific documentation is sometimes still as precious as gold. Store your project documentation in your Git server and lower the barrier to documenting anything related to your precious code. Deveo provides a Git powered Wiki tool that supports Markdown syntax for documentation. Access the Wiki through a Wiki repository or use the beautiful side-by-side web-editor.

Integrations to over 80 services

The Git server is probably not the only tool that you use to develop world-class software. When choosing a tool to your code hosting, take into account what other tools do you have in your stack, and to which of these do you want the code changes to integrate. Deveo integrations allow you to connect to over 80 different third-party services with your Deveo instance. An effective service hook infrastructure makes it super easy to set up the integrations you need.

Git Server with tons of integrations
Git server with support for Mercurial and Subversion repositories as well

Does your company also use Mercurial (HG) or Subversion (SVN)?

If you use not just Git, but also other version control systems, such as Subversion or Mercurial, you are probably thinking where to store those. Deveo supports this exact use case, which is common in large enterprises. Any project created in Deveo can manage an unlimited number of Git, Subversion (SVN) and Mercurial (HG) repositories. Access rights can be also configured on a repository-level, which ensures high level of security.

Does your Git needs scale?

When the number of Git repositories and developers in your organization raise to four digit numbers, it's time to start thinking about scalability. In order to scale the Git infrastructure, you need to have the underlying infrastructure in place. Deveo is a scalable git server that supports clustering, where the load that comes from Git clones and pushes is scaled to multiple nodes. Using clustering, you can still maintain a single instance that everyone can access.

Git Server Scalability
Deveo git server has High Availability


If your organization is at that stage, where you already have a lot of teams and hundreds of developers, you might want more availability. You want to avoid service downtime for centralized tools you provide to your organization. Scalability and High-availability go hand-in-hand with Deveo and its clustering technology. High-available Git server is meant for those organizations who want no interruptions in the software development flow.

Change management

Deveo supports The operations in many organizations encourage to written change management policies. This is especially true when it comes to hosting your own Git server. After all, version control systems can potentially store the most precious part of your company's IPR. In order to keep your code safe and sound from unnecessary downtime and ensure that it's updated only when you need, Deveo releases new release packages every month. We also provide older packages for download. There's always an update path available and often only a single update is needed to jump between versions. Deveo provides a full change log for every release in addition that, we notify customers in advance of anything extra that needs to be done when doing version upgrades.

Deveo git server provides good change management features
Deveo git server comes with SLA and Support

SLA and Support

When you face a challenge or a problem, you want the support to be there for you, similarly as the software developers want the code hosting service to be there for them. To ensure a proper SLA and support for your organization. When using Deveo as a Git server, we guarantee that your support requests get answered as fast as possible. Tired of waiting for ambiguous answers over the phone? Deveo support team is dedicated to providing you with the best support there is.

Not just for code

If you wish to manage Git repositories and build artifacts on the same server, Deveo is for you. In addition to SVN and Mercurial, Deveo also supports management of Maven repositories. Deveo allows you to manage and maintain all your software assets under one platform. Maven repositories are grouped alongside other repositories and access control is role based. Any Maven based build tool you know is supported. For now, Deveo has specific repository types for Maven and Ivy build tools, but there are more to come.

Git server with Maven repository management