Free Git repository hosting

Unlimited projects. Unlimited users. Unlimited repositories.

1GB of storage for free. After that 1€/GB/month

Free Git Repository hosting in the Cloud

Deveo is the easiest, most intuitive free private git hosting platform in the cloud. We believe installing software to your devices can be complicated and unnecessary. With Deveo's cloud platform, you can manage all your private Git repositories in your browser, without the hassle of installation.

Control Collaboration     |     Unlimited private repositories     |     Unlimited users     |     Reliable and Secure


  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • No project size limits
  • Over 99.99% uptime
  • 1GB of storage for free
  • 1€/GB/month for exceeding amount

Why Choose Free Private Git hosting in Deveo?

Control Collaboration on Private Projects

Git has become the de-facto version control system for the open-source community, but open-source isn't always the right choice. Free Private repository hosting is the way to go for some projects.

Deveo is built for developers who want more control over their code. Deveo's repository level access management and branch level access management ensures you have absolute control over who can work with your assets, at all times.

Image of Deveo's collaboration possibilities in software projects.
Git hosting without repository limits means that you can have as many git repositories as you want in your Deveo projects.

Unlimited Private Git Repositories

All Deveo cloud accounts can use unlimited private Git repositories. Whether you're working on a small side project, or large scale enterprise software, Deveo is the perfect way to handle your git hosting needs.

Unlimited users

If you're an individual, a small startup, or a scaled enterprise, productivity is the key. Deveo offers free git hosting that helps you to streamline your workflow, with added features such as issue tracking, wikis, and much more.

Image of unlimited users in a Deveo company.
Image of unlimited git hosting.

Highly Reliable with Daily Backups

Deveo takes daily backups of the application data and daily incremental backups of the repositories, which are stored on a separate disk in an external service (AWS). Most important of all, Deveo’s uptime is +99.99%.

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