Free Git repository hosting

Unlimited projects. Unlimited users. Unlimited repositories.

1GB of storage for free. After that 1€/GB/month

Free Git Repository hosting in the Cloud

You need to get your Git hosting up and running fast, and we won’t get in your way! Sign up and choose a password, and you are all set to start creating awesome software! A couple more clicks and you’ll have your first project up and running, with unlimited Git repositories. It really is that easy!

Click the links to see what Deveo can offer you more than the other Git hosting services GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket.

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  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited repositories
  • No repository size limit
  • No setup fees
  • 1GB for free, after that 1€/GB/month

Why rely on Deveo for Git hosting?

A reliable partner for your Git hosting needs

When you choose Deveo, be assured we’ll help you in any way we can. If you run into any issues or want to offer feedback, you can contact us directly, and we’ll help you in no time. Think Deveo is missing a feature? Let us know your ideas. Deveo is developed in close collaboration with our users and we plan our roadmap according to our customer requests.

Btw, thank you for your rapid email replies.
I appreciate it a lot! 🙂

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Git hosting without repository limits means that you can have as many git repositories as you want in your Deveo projects.

Unlimited free private Git repositories

With Deveo, we wanted to provide all the power you’re used to, without limitations. With unlimited repositories and projects, you can host everything you need in Deveo cloud. Don’t hesitate to invite your colleagues to your Deveo account, either. Because, there are no user limits. If that wasn’t enough, we also give you the first 1GB of data completely free, rising to only 1€/GB/month when you use more.

If you need Subversion (SVN) hosting or Mercurial (HG) hosting, Deveo supports them too.

Highly Reliable with Daily Backups

Deveo takes backups seriously. Daily backups of the application data and daily incremental backups of the repositories are stored on a separate disk, in an external service (AWS). Most important of all, Deveo’s uptime is +99.99%.

Image of unlimited git hosting.
Git hosting without repository limits means that you can have as many git repositories as you want in your Deveo projects.

Webhooks and Open APIs

You probably use a lot of tools for software development. For things like project management, or communication. In Deveo, you can integrate your preferred tools easily using our RESTful API.

Even our own web client is developed on top of our APIs. Webhooks allow sending notifications to other tools from events done within Deveo.

Improved teamwork

Software development works best when you’re part of an awesome team. We have made it easy to grant colleagues and contributors access permissions to your Deveo instance. Use commenting for discussion, and comment even a single line of code if needed.

Image of unlimited users in a Deveo company.
Deveo other features

Awesome other features in addition to Git hosting

Why use multiple tools, when you can just use one? Deveo is more than just a Git hosting platform. To help streamline your software development workflow, we introduced many necessary features such as issue tracking with Kanban board view, Wiki for documentation, and delegated access management in Deveo.

If you are looking for a solution to host your code behind your firewall, Deveo is also a on-premises Git server

Deveo also supports SVN and Mercurial. This is very useful if your organisation uses more than one version control system.

Maven repositories

Host your code together with your build artifacts. Deveo supports Maven repositories, so you can manage and maintain all your software assets under one platform. Use any of the build tools you are comfortable with. Deveo has separated repository types for Maven and Ivy build tools for now, and Gradle, SBT, Leiningen, and Boot are coming soon.

Image of unlimited users in a Deveo company.
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