Version Control Weekly - Issue 13

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Article: Git Off My Lawn – Large and Unmergable Assets

Lee Winder, a Technical Lead at SEGA Europe, writes about how they store large assets in a Git repository. This post is extracted from the Git Off My Lawn talk presented at Develop 2013 in Brighton. It’s interesting how their team uses Git for day-to-day development and Perforce to hold source assets.

Article: Using Git to deploy a web site

This article demonstrates how to use Git to do the heavy lifting of web site deployment. With simple Git commands you can use it to automatically deploy changes to the live site, without manually transferring files. It’s purely Git with some hooks, no external infrastructure automation tools are required.

Article: Mercurial’s perfect setup. Part 1

Dimitris Tsironis, a front-end developer at BugSense, shares his experiences of using Mercurial with his advanced Git skills. With few extensions and aliases, Dimitris shows how to get the most out of Mercurial.

Article: Speed Up Git (5x to 50x)

Do you use remote Git operations often? If you do, this article explains how to speed them up by configuring SSH settings and Git mirror.

Article: git pre-push

As of Git version 1.8.2, you now have the ability to execute a script on a push, and prevent the push from occuring if your script exits with a failure. Peter Goldsmith, an iOS Developer for Itty Bitty Apps, shows you how to configure pre-push hook, which can be useful as a Safety net, or to ensure tests pass before Git push.

Article: The upstream tracking branch

Another great post by Felipe Contreras tells us everything we need to know of tracking Git upstream branches, which according to author, one of most powerful and under-utilized concepts of Git.

Announce: Subversion 1.7.13 and 1.8.3 Release

Apache Software Foundation (ASF) announced the release of Subversion 1.7.13 and 1.8.3. Wandisco Blog gives us an excellent summary of fixes in this release.

Software: Git Pissed

Are you gitting pissed about your code? git-pissed, which is available at Github, tracks any number of words across your entire Git history. Check it out!

Tip: Create your work report using Git Log

If you ever had a customer who requires to have a report of activity you did last week, this tip can be save your day. It will help you generate a report from Git log.

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