Version Control Weekly - Issue 12

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Article: SCM Rankings, Q3 2013

Switch Gears, a software development productivity company based in Copenhagen, has recently released Q12013 SCM Rakings report. The report analyses user engagement and developer engagement to find the most trending version control systems used today.

Article: How Git works

The article digs into internals of Git object model and uses plubming commands to find out how Git works. It is interesting to discover that with so many complexities beneath Git, it is actually quite simple system.

Article: An in-depth analysis of Mercurial and Git branches

By far the most in-depth analysis of Mercurial and Git branches. The comparison between these two systems, solving divergence, Mercurial bookmarks and fixing Git and Mercurial to add missing features are covered. After reading this post, the author hopes you will be able to distinguish what can and cannot be done in each tool.

Announce: Git 1.8.4 released

Git 1.8.4 has been released with a bunch of new features, improvements and bug fixes. There is another post by Atlassian Blogs going through the major highlights of this release. Things like submodules, rebase, status and logging got improved.

Announce: GitLab 6.0 released

GitLab 6, an open source Git management software, has been released. There are nice improvements to Groups, merge requests, and branches. They have also polished UI and fixed a lot of bugs. For the full list of changes, see the CHANGELOG.

Podcast: GitMinutes #20: Mick Wever on Migrating to Git

The 20th episode of GitMinutes has been released. This time the guest is Mick Wever who talks about how they migrating a big team of developers from Subversion to Git. Nowadays, there are many companies migrating to Git, so it’s always nice to hear how and why they are able to make the switch to Git.

Software: Bonobo Git Server

Bonobo is a simple Git server for Windows. It allows you to setup your own Git server hosted on Windows IIS. Bonobo Git Server is an open-source, licensed with a MIT License, and available at Github.

Fun: Git Crossword

Here is a simple crossword to test your Git knowledge. Can you solve it without help?!

Fun: Git Ninjas Part I

The first ever (?) comics about Git. The Part I is called “Shaolin temple of developers”. The graphics look gorgeous, so be sure to check it out!

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