Version Control Weekly - Issue 11

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Article: Deliberate Git

An excellent post by Stephen Ball on using Git deliberately. Learn how to turn your Git history log into a story, which can be a powerful communication media for your team. Read about the Good commits, Coding flow, Interactive rebase and Digging into your Git history.

Article: Adapting Git for simple data

Following the Git for data publishing, this is another post by James Smith hacking away at the tools to work for data. James dives into Git internals to show you how to make spectacular diffs of simple data formats, such as CSV.

Article: Git bisect

If you haven’t used Git bisect, check this out. The article shows how to find a bad commit that introduced a bug or regression. Also it gives an example of automating this process and to let Git find an offending commit.

Artcile: Simple Subversion Benchmarking

WANdisco reminds us of the Subversion benchmarking tool available in Subversion 1.8. With the new svn-bench tool, you are able to get performance measurements, baseline and a sense of the effects of network latency.

Webinar: “Git Ready” Workflows

Atlassian announces the Git Ready webinar to help enterprises adopt Git. The topics such as collaboration models, branching, best practices and continuous integration will be covered. It’s on 27th of August and the spots are still available!

Software: Ungit

Fredrik Noren released an awesome visual tool for working with Git. It’s a Node.js powered Web app that makes it easy to understand Git. The beginners will find it especially handy.

Tip: 10 Useful Advanced Git Commands

10 Advanced Git Commands that you may find useful whether you are working in a team environment or on your personal project.

Tip: Beautiful colored and readable Git output

If you like a colored Command Line Interface (CLI), this tip will show you how to visualize the Git output.

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