Version Control Weekly - Issue 10

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Article: Versioned Access Control in Subversion 1.8

Perhaps one of the most awaited features of Subversion for sysadmin, the versioned access controls, a.k.a. authz or ACL files. With this feature you can check in your access controls to repository when Subversion is running over Apache or svnserve. Be careful not to lock yourself out!

Article: SmartSVN 7.6 – It’s All About Performance

The new release of SmartSVN 7.6 is now available for download. SmartSVN is the cross-platform graphical client for Apache Subversion. This is a performance improvement release, so be sure to check it out!

Article: Delaying Git 1.8.4 by a week

Junio C Hamano informs us that Git 1.8.4 release is being delayed by a week due to couple of topics that cause regressions.

Webinar: Subversion Properties

WANdisco is hosting another free webinar on Subversion Properties. In todays’ session Mike Lester, Director of SVN Training at WANdisco, will provide us an overview of the general concepts and best practices for using Subversion properties.

Resource: git ready

Not new, but anyway great resource to learn Git. It has regular updates for beginner, intermediate and even advanced users. We especially like their slogan “learn git one commit at a time”.

Software: lolcommits

An awesome utility for all Git users. lolcommits integrates with Git and your WebCam and takes a snapshot every time you commit code. Try it out with your team when working under tight schedule. Git blame has never been so much fun.

Tip: Please, oh please, use git pull –rebase

A bit controversial advice whether to always use rebase when synchronizing your code with upstream. Read this Coderwall tip to know different opinions on this technique.

Software: Git Jokes :)

Wanna get a tad nerdy and surprise others with some Git jokes?! Head to this Git Jokes project on Github and arm yourself with a couple. We wrap up todays’ Subversion and Git links with: “git-svn: now you have two problems.”

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