Version Control Weekly - Issue 2

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Subversion 1.8 Released

This is the first major Subversion release in a while, with some great new features like inherited properties and automatic reintegration merge.

They are claiming full backwards compatibility for APIs, ABIs, and repository formats, so upgrading should be a breeze. Some of the new features do require both the server and the client to be in the latest version.

TortoiseSVN 1.8 Released

Not to be left behind, TortoiseSVN also released 1.8 this week so that Windows users can start enjoying the new features in Subversion 1.8.

Webinar: Mobile Development with Git, Gerrit, and Jenkins

CollabNet is hosting a webinar next Tuesday (June 25), where Gerrit contributor Luca Milanesio explains how to set up a continuous delivery pipeline for mobile applications using Git, Gerrit, and Jenkins.

Eclipse Community Survey Results for 2013: Subversion in Lead, Git Rising Fast

In the Eclipse community – which is probably a good representation of the Java programming community in general – Subversion is still the #1 SCM, but Git is just 1.5% behind and rising rapidly.

Google App Engine Push-to-Deploy

Google has added a facility to App Engine, with which you just push your Python or PHP application to a remote Git repository hosted by Google, and it’ll be deployed automatically.

This is similar to what Heroku does, and there are also resources for doing it on your own servers.

Video: Git From the Bits Up

GitHub’s Tim Berglund has given an excellent introduction to the internals of Git: The data structures and basic operations underlying everything we see every day when working with Git.

Though probably not the best tutorial to Git, this is valuable information to any Git user, since understanding the elegant concepts beneath can really help when the Git commands throw something weird at you (which has been known to happen).

Tip: Using Different SSH Keys For Different Git Repositories

Lars Vogel has added a nice tip to his excellent Git tutorial: If you have multiple different repositories and want or need to use a different key for each one, you can do so by tweaking your SSH configuration.

Your Git Repository in a Database: Pluggable Backends in libgit2

In our own blog, we described some interesting hackery you can do with the libgit2 library, which enables you to store your Git data in a relational or a NoSQL database, or in memory, or in Amazon S3, or wherever you want really.

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