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Are you looking for the best Bitbucket alternative?

Deveo is a perfect Bitbucket alternative, offering unlimited users, projects, and private repositories.

Unlimited repositories

Unlimited users

Unlimited projects

1GB storage for free, after that 1€/GB / month

Everything is private

All the features you need

CLOUD - 0 / up to 1GB

Bitbucket or Deveo?

Because of additional tools and features, Deveo is more than a simple private repository hosting tool. As a result of Deveo's flexible Kanban-inspired issue tracking tool, repository level authorization, Git-powered wiki, & RESTful APIs, software development is a breeze. In addition, a stunning and intuitive UI makes Deveo the best BitBucket alternative.

Privacy, security, and reliability

No doubt, any serious Bitbucket alternative should consider privacy, security and reliability. Deveo is no exception. As a result of Deveo's native multi-tenancy, users always login to a self-contained workspace. For this reason, nobody can access any projects, repositories, or assets without a prior invitation.

Deveo takes daily backups of all cloud data and store's it for 30 days. In addition, Deveo cloud infrastructure offers at least 99.99% uptime and availability.

Furthermore, every company in Deveo can authenticate against a different SAML 2.0 single sign-on Identity provider IdP such as Microsoft ADFS or even Google apps.

This will support companies with strict security policies to use cloud services while still authenticating against their corporate SSO service of choice.

Image of a highly reliable, secure, and private BitBucket alternative  

Collaborate with ease

We know collaboration is important for Bitbucket users. As a result of repository level authorization, Deveo offers peace of mind and absolute control over repository permissions.

Image of a BitBucket alternative with very advanced collaboration possibilities

In addition, Inline-code commenting also allows you to discuss fixes and issues on the code, removing any potential confusion and streamlining your workflow. For additional security, you can even protect individual branches in Git repositories.

Deveo offers special ollaborator accounts whose access rights are limited only to the projects they are assigned to. No collaborator can create new projects or repositories, nor can they be granted the highest access rights. This means sharing project information with stakeholders is secure, yet flexible.


Share and store binary files with WebDAV

Often, projects include non-code based assets, such as photos, graphics, videos, and even music. Version controlling binaries with a distributed version control system like Git can prove to be troublesome, and often requires a third-party tool.

But why should you switch tools and platforms for the sake of storing binary assets within your projects? To take care of this, Deveo supports creating WebDAV network shares, which can be used like any other repository type.

This combination of Git, Mercurial repositories and WebDAV hosting makes Deveo the best BitBucket alternative for projects with binary assets.

Image of a BitBucket alternative that supports sharing large binary files with WebDAV repositories  

Bot accounts for programmatic access

If you have ever needed to configure your CI server to fetch code, you might have a hunch where Bot accounts can be used. Bot accounts are non-user accounts that can be used for programmatic access to different components in Deveo.

Image of a BitBucket alternative with bot accounts for programmatic access

Typically bot accounts are used for continuous integration and deployment servers, other environments where the code is deployed and any integration that uses the Deveo APIs.

The ownership of bot accounts can be shared in Deveo, and setting up bot accounts is allowed for regular users as well.

Bot accounts can belong to multiple projects and their permissions can be controlled on a repository level which means that even more complex scripts and programmatic repository access can be ensured without compromising your personal credentials.


Support for Subversion (SVN) hosting

Have you ever wanted to use a version control system that isn’t Git or Mercurial, or use another system in parallel with Git? Maybe you’re planning on migrating from SVN to Git or vice versa?

In any case, Deveo can make your life a great deal easier. In addition to Git, and Mercurial, Deveo also offers support for Subversion (SVN) repositories, allowing you to host all of your source code in a single, intuitive platform.

Image of a BitBucket alternative that supports Subversion (SVN) in addition to Git and Mercurial (Hg) version control systems.  

Triggering repository hooks based on reference and file patterns

Deveo has integrations to over 80 different services, such as JIRA, Trello, Slack, Hipchat and Jenkins. In addition, users gain fine-grained control over the hooks, with the ability to trigger the hooks based on file or reference patterns.

Image of a BitBucket alternative that allows you to trigger hooks based on reference and file patterns

You can trigger certain hooks only for feature branches and others only for release branches. If you have certain file types or a directory you wish to keep notified of, simply configure a hook that notifies you on changes to that specific path. All of the hooks can be configured from the streamlined UI.


Flexible issue tracking with a Kanban-inspired card view

Staying on top of bugs and issues has a huge impact on software development productivity. By learning from the best, we have combined the best parts from GitHub, JIRA, and Trello to deliver the best issue tracking system in any Bitbucket alternative.

You may configure multiple milestones or boards, and have an individual workflow in each board. Modify the issues’ priorities, states, and labels according to your own liking and link code changes to the issues. If you want see your issue management next to your source code, why not see how Deveo combines both?

Image of a BitBucket alternative with a Kanban-inspired issue tracking feature  

Side-by-side wiki editor

Documentation in many wiki editors may be awkward and time-consuming. In most cases, the text editors may have shortcuts for the most common Markdown commands but they rarely show the formatted text in real time.

Image of a BitBucket alternative that includes a sideby-side wiki editor for project-based documentation

With Deveo’s wiki-tool, you edit the files in a side-by-side view that shows your changes as you make them. You no longer have to switch between modes or save the editor from time to time to see whether that table you are trying to build is rendered correctly. If you value a documentation tool that is easy to use with your code hosting, the best Bitbucket alternative for you is Deveo.

Support for Maven repositories

Code and build artifacts can be managed using a single platform. With Deveo you can manage also Maven repositories and keep all of your software assets under one platform.

Creating a repository takes just two clicks and managing the access rights is unified regardless of repository type. Deveo supports your favorite build tools that you already know. There are explicit repository types for Maven and Ivy build tools and we are growing the list with at least Gradle, SBT, Leningen, and Boot in the future.

Image of a BitBucket alternative with support for Maven repositories  

Deveo, the best Bitbucket alternative

The purpose of this comparison is to highlight the similarities, differences, and benefits of using Deveo over Bitbucket. Perhaps you're a Bitbucket user looking for additional features or a different UI, or maybe you are trying to decide between Bitbucket and Deveo.

In either case, hopefully, you've found what you're looking for and are ready to give Deveo a spin. and let us know what you think.

You can start using Deveo for free, with no obligation, and no risk in testing it thoroughly before making your decision.


Our team is here to help

If you're still not sure, get in touch! We're more than happy to help you understand if Deveo is suitable for your version control, and code hosting needs.

We at Deveo take care of our users. You can always ask turn to our email support with your Deveo-related questions, and we'll help. In addition, we form Deveo's roadmap in close collaboration with our customers. So, should you have a need for a feature in Deveo, do tell us! In many cases, we've been able of releasing the features in a matter of weeks.

If there's anything you'd like to ask or comment, do not hesitate to open the chat on the bottom right!