Deveo billing

Deveo Automated Billing

Deveo’s cloud service is free to use. The free plan includes 1GB of total data. When you exceed this limit, Deveo becomes a paid service. This site explains, how you can pay for Deveo cloud usage and keep using Deveo without worries!

As a Deveo cloud user, you probably remember that Deveo's free plan includes 1GB of total disk space. After that, the price is 1€/GB/month (excl. VAT 24%).

We chose this model because we want to allow our users to use Deveo risk-free and pay only for actual usage. Limiting features or setting up user tiers didn’t feel right. Those only keep our customers from achieving their goals!

To make paying and using Deveo as seamless as possible, we introduced a pre-paid storage plan

Pre-paid Storage Plan

Our mission at Deveo is to make software development seamless. In order to make paying for Deveo as easy as possible and help our customers to focus on developing awesome software, we introduced a pre-paid storage plan. Pre-paid storage plan allows our customers to purchase their preferred storage in Deveo in advance.

By purchasing enough disk space in advance, you can keep using Deveo without worries. Plus, this model allows us to bill you less often and save you from the receipt nightmare.


To keep things even simpler, we decided to set up an automated billing for the pre-paid storage plan. Automated billing will keep your Deveo up and running throughout your preferred billing cycles.

Automated Billing

When you exceed the 1GB limit in Deveo cloud, we will notify you and ask you to provide us with your credit card details. You need to do this during the following 30 days.

If you don’t add the payment details, contact us, or reduce your usage under 1GB in the given timeframe, we have no choice but to freeze your Deveo account. But worry not, your data will be safe in Deveo, until you contact us and we sort out the way to proceed.

Our online payment provider is Stripe. Your credit card will be billed through Stripe, and all the credit card information will be stored in their system. DEVEO DOES NOT STORE ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION.

After you have added the payment details, you can choose your preferred billing cycle (6 or 12 months) and the maximum monthly storage during that period. Make sure that you estimate your maximum usage according to your actual needs. If you know that you'll be storing many gigabytes worth of data in Deveo during the billing cycle, take that into account. Because the minimum payment is 10 €, the six-month billing period will not be an option if you buy only 2GB of storage.

Your plan will be automatically renewed and your card billed after each billing cycle. In case you do not want to renew the plan, you need to cancel your Deveo license at least 30 days before the end of the billing cycle.

In case you need to increase your disk space during the billing cycle, you can contact us. Your plan will be renewed for the next 6 or 12 months with the new storage limit.

Now you can keep storing your code in Deveo without worries!


Example of the billing

Company A stores 3GB of data in Deveo cloud. In order to keep using Deveo, Company A needs to purchase storage in Deveo for the next 6 or 12 months.

Company A knows that they will add a 3GB SVN file to Deveo soon. So, their usage will exceed 6 gigabytes during the billing cycle. As a result, Company A estimates that their maximum usage will be between 6 - 8 gigabytes. They decide to purchase 8GB worth of storage in Deveo for the upcoming 12 months.

Thus, the monthly fee would be 7€, and the total price for Company A's 12-month plan would be 84€ (+VAT 24%). Deveo bills the total fee from Company A's card at the time of the purchase.

After the initial 12-month billing cycle, Deveo will automatically bill Company A for 8GB for the next 12 months. If Company A chooses, they can increase the limit before the new billing cycle starts. Or cancel their license 30 days prior to the new billing cycle.


Further information

We are happy to help with any questions you might have regarding our pricing or billing.

For further information contact Deveo via email,, or via our contact form.